Rheem New Zealand

"Recently I took advantage of the free Export Health & Readiness Check offered by ExportNZ.

Rheem is targeting export growth for some of its locally manufactured products and we wanted to get a feel for whether we are on track. We were visited by a team of 3 people representing ExportNZ. All had diverse backgrounds and considerable business experience and were a good proxy for a “board”. The session was run very professionally, with confidentiality agreements and workbooks incorporating comprehensive questions and checklists. We found the workshop to be extremely helpful, it confirmed where we are on track and identified areas we need to focus on or could get tripped up on. We came away with a completed checklist and workbook which is proving a useful reference document. The real benefit though was the discussion and debate we had during the 3 hour session, facilitated by independent business people who have experience in exporting from New Zealand.

Thoroughly recommended."

Steve Bullock
General Manager - Rheem New Zealand Ltd