We wanted to talk to people who had already been there and done it.  We were on a very small scale and we felt we have to leverage other peoples learnings to really make some big steps forward.  We've been teamed up with 2 Excelerators who are from the agricultural and horticultural space, so we don't have to explain our business or the market to them which is a big help and they've been there.  One of our mentors is able to introduce us to customers, able to talk through distributor options.  Knowing the players that we're talking about.  It makes a big difference.   The best piece of business advice I received recently was around getting a very good value proposition.  You think you have it but until you have to put it out there and articulate it in a couple of minutes, being very succinct, and getting it right, well it takes time to develop that.  Our mentor really helped with that.   We then took those learnings into market and we managed to get to the next stage of partnership meetings, whereas in the past there had been a lot of closed doors.  But in this case they all wanted to talk about what next steps could be!  
Sue Kleinsman
Director - Sales & Marketing - Biostart Ltd