The Excelerator Program

Getting you on the fast track to export success

ExportNZ is helping ambitious and motivated businesses with global growth aspirations.

When heading overseas and entering new markets you are entering unchartered territory – you don’t know what you need to know until you need to know it – that’s the danger. In order to maximise the opportunity and mitigate the risk you need access to good advice.

Exporters sharing real world experience – real world help going offshore.

What is Export Excelerator?

The goal of the program is simple:  help identify gaps in your export capability, connect you with real world experience with a view to driving accelerated and sustainable export growth for your business

What is the value to my business?

Engaging in the Excelerator Programme is your insurance policy, protecting you against the risks and costly errors associated with trading on the global stage.

This program will ensure you embark on your export drive with your eyes wide open and avoid making the mistakes many exporters before you have already made.

A carefully designed and well executed export strategy will be critical to your long term success.

Outcomes from participating in this program will form the basis for developing your export strategy.

The ExportNZ Excelerator Programme has three phases:

  1. 1. Excelerator Survey (30 mins)
  2. 2. Excelerate Global
  3. 3. Excelerate100 

You will have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

For more information or to be measured for your export capability, please contact Catherine Lye:
Phone: 09 367 0970