Merryn Straker

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Straker Translations

Merryn is ideally placed to join our judging panel for 2016, having won two successive ExportNZ Awards (ICT Exporter of the Year in 2014 and E-Commerce Exporter of the Year in 2015) as COO at Straker Translations.

Straker Translations is one of the world’s leading translation companies, and Merryn oversees its global production systems and teams, ensuring that every touch point within the company operates to its full potential.

Merryn has extensive work experience in the insurance, communications and marketing sectors in Auckland. She has been instrumental in turning Straker Translations from a family-run tech start-up to a multi million dollar-valued global company.

Merryn has a Bachelor of Management Studies (majoring in Management and HR) from Waikato University.