about ExportNZ 

Our reason for being

We believe the key to a more sustainable, productive and prosperous export sector lies in connecting business people with international growth aspirations to very, very smart people at the top of their export game for professional guidance and support.
ExportNZ’s long-term goal is to provide a pipe-line of businesses that have the confidence and know-how to grow their business to a meaningful scale. Our Excelerate100 programme pulls together the community to help businesses connect the dots building a peer-to-peer support network tailored uniquely to the needs of their business.
With a clear understanding of what drives export success, we help businesses focus holistically on the activities that drive real long-term sustainable value. Ultimately, we exist to future-proof business practices in a responsible way, while seeking to ensure New Zealand remains a global success story where smart design-led innovation and strong commercial acumen go hand-in-hand.

Our history

47-years ago Ross Southcombe OBE dedicated his foresight and leadership skills to New Zealand exporters in times when the economy was exploring new frontiers.  Ross was very committed to believing that New Zealand could perform a lot better in export markets hence his desire to set up a separate group the Export Institute of New Zealand, originally inside the Auckland Manufacturers Association.  Through Ross's drive and enthusiasm, he pulled it away and set it up in its own right in 1971.   
Ross Southcombe pioneered all sorts of new schemes never done before in New Zealand eg: reverse trade missions where buyers were brought to New Zealand from overseas and New Zealand products were displayed for them to buy.  This was very successful.  He also pioneered trade missions to unusual places e.g:  Middle East, South East Asia and South America.  These were also very successful resulting in big sales for people.   
At the time NZ exporters were being encouraged to get out and export.  Ross drove NZ exporting at the time through the Export Institute encouraging many, many SME's to get out and do it.    Ross shone at pulling all the regional divisions together - Rotorua, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch - all in the interests of New Zealand exports.   Ross set the ground rules for how the Export Institute ("ExportNZ" today) goes about its business that still holds true today - great times, great camaraderie, the Export Institute was and continues to be "the place to be"