Trade Mission Delegates

"Provides valuable insights in a quick and effective way into the opportunities of an export market. Being in the market and experiencing it first hand is an absolute must and can be no substitute for desk-based research or even third hand reports."

"You are able to utilise the support of NZTE, MFAT and ExportNZ. These things go a long way to giving you a credible presence within a market."

"Provides value you are unable to replicate. You meet a significant number of decision makers and key influencers from Government, and senior business leadership. You can connect with customers, which you would not achieve in a private capacity as it would be impossible to achieve the reach."

"It’s great being part of a team. The collective power, energy and strength of the group is fantastic. Other members of the team are on your team bringing you opportunities you may have missed and conversely sharing ideas with others which they may have missed. So collectively, you are seeing and hearing so many opportunities you could not achieve on your own."

"The smart organisation by local MFAT and NZTE teams ensures that delegates simply have to be down in the lobby ready to leave at the appointed time and the rest of the day is fully planned for them – no transport worries, introductions are already made, and so on."

feedback from delgates