Why Join?

Join a network of over 2,500 exporters nationwide

  • The ability to associate with a wider group of exporters helps overcome the go-it-alone spirit which doesn’t work in a sophisticated 21st century environment, with strong global competition from emerging nations who are highly organised in selling their products and services. Collaboration is key for a small nation and ExportNZ is providing a practical ‘real world’ framework to support exporters
  • ExportNZ provides practical support whether you are starting out and don’t know how to get underway or an experienced operator who has come up against a stumbling block
  • ExportNZ provides members with opportunities to connect with international partners through trade missions. You connect with customers which you could not achieve in a private capacity as it would be impossible to achieve the reach
  • ExportNZ works on behalf of exporters to reduce trade barriers. ExportNZ ensures our members views are heard and issues addressed through a collective voice to have more influence at central government
  • ExportNZ’s suite of programmes are designed to inspire, educate and accelerate our members into suitable and sustainable global markets

ExportNZ activities include:

  • Better exporting workshops
  • E-learning modules
  • After-5 networking events
  • Go Global annual conference
  • Export awards programme
  • Export excelerator programme
  • Path to market programmes
  • Trade missions
  • Advocacy
  • Monthly digital newsletter

Contact your local ExportNZ office for more information on ExportNZ membership www.exportnz.org.nz