take on the world, together

Are you a motivated and ambitious business with global growth aspirations?

Are you ready to understand  

  • what the real opportunity is that presents itself for your product/service internationally
  • how you can manage your export markets more effectively, more efficiently
  • how you can engage your exports markets when geographical distance is such a barrier.

You need not feel alone or isolated.   With ExportNZ you can follow pathways that already exist and access an incredible community of support delivered by exporters for exporters.   Based on a needs assessment, ExportNZ will connect you to experienced exporters who will provide:

  • real-world independent advice and support at a very senior level
  • objective and strategic thoughts, fresh perspectives about how to take current market opportunities, maximise those whilst looking 5, 10, 15 years ahead through the experience of those who have walked in your shoes.
"It's a good way for small companies to start to expand beyond the people in the business, to get advice from outside the business to help them grow.  It's a low risk way to engage in advisory.  At very minimal cost, you can work with the Excelerators as much as you want to.  For some I am working on a monthly half day basis, others more quarterly, and others weekly phone call" Brian Dewar, Excelerator

Excelerate100 combines dedicated mentoring support with peer-to-peer group learning where you also have the opportunity to attend the following activities on a complimentary basis.

  • Better Exporting regional meetups hosted by exporters
  • Export Master Class workshops
  • Export Excelerator (1/2 day events). 
"That knowledge sharing is invaluable.  You're meeting not only with a number of people in similar situations  to you but also a number of people who have done it before and they can say 'look, we've done it.  These are some of the things we faced, these are the things you need to consider' It's hugely valuable for those reasons" - The Beauty Collective, Excelerate100 participant 

To find out more about Excelerate100 contact: 

Catherine Lye - Regional Manager, ExportNZ 

email:  catherine@exportnz.org.nz    

phone: 021-636-219