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Tune in and listen to ExportNZ's weekly podcast series 'There's no silver bullet'

What excites us at ExportNZ is how transformational it can be for a business in the early stage of their export journey when that knowledge bank of super smart people “Excelerators” is unlocked, and shared directly with the right people at the right time. For businesses starting their export journey, it is not easy, it is a pathway to hard graft, and we know you’re not afraid of hard work but there have got to be results, right! So why not leverage the learnings from those who have blazed the trails before you. Getting involved in the Excelerate100 programme is a no brainer – rewarding for our Excelerators, and the Excelerate100 participants.

We reached out recently to some of our successful export businesses who have been recognised as finalists and winners in the ExportNZ awards programme. We asked these exporters for their ‘top export tip for businesses at the early stage of their international growth journey’.  And it soon occurred to me that it is the collection of tips and traps that result in success…"there's no silver bullet…”

This month ExportNZ launches a podcast series hosted by Catherine Lye - Regional Manager, ExportNZ Auckland. Our first podcast series is themed:  “There’s no silver bullet” where we explore the challenges and complexities of growing a business internationally from New Zealand through the lens of Kiwi business leaders who have been there, done that, doing it.

We release a weekly podcast Monday mornings 6am.

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