Why should you enter?

Everybody benefits!

The big win comes from the process of preparing the application. Entering an award gives you a structure and process to step back and look at what you have achieved, what you have learned along the way, and get a clear focus on where you are going.

Feedback from the judges

This gives you a sense of where you’re going well and where you can improve. Detached assessment and advice is invaluable.

Amplify your achievements!

Enjoy widespread media coverage. Leverage your result through PR opportunities. Winning an award will significantly raise your company profile locally, internationally, and will attract new business. Being shortlisted as a finalist will also build your brand and credibility in the marketplace.

Stand out from the standouts

Benchmark your business against other high achievers. Refine your business plan based on insights. Hone your PR skills and leverage your success.

Boost staff morale, retention and recruitment

Achieving recognition in the awards can have a positive effect on staff morale, motivation and retention as it acknowledges their contribution to your business success. It is a great way to attract new talent.

Shout From the rooftops

Use an award on all corporate literature and advertising, on your website, in your newsletters. Use it as a tool for your business pitches. Drive home the fact that you are the best in your field.  An award gives you a point of difference and a third party mark of excellence.

Open new doors

Network with business leaders. Make new connections to global markets. Discover and utilise the domestic and international networks of ExportNZ.

Impress potential investors

If you aim to grow your business, recognition in the awards can help impress potential investors.

NZTE International Business Awards

Category winners automatically qualify through to the "pitch" stage of the NZTE International Business Awards.